Transforming Lives Through Surfing and Mentorship


  • Empowering young adults to a successful future

Surfers Not Street Children is a Durban based project that leads ex street children into adulthood and independence through mentorship, psychosocial care (including addiction counseling), education, life skills training, skills training, the finding of apprenticeships and job creation. The hub of its work is the Surfhouse in Durban where the team, who are mostly ex orphans, live. …


  • Building Advocacy to create sustainable success

Surfers Not Street Children is a team of ambassadors who are being trained to combine their life experiences with a new knowledge of the global phenomenon of street children in order to be an important voice of integrity around the rights of street children. The team are committed to changing the way that society perceives and treats street children in South Africa and further afield. They share their life stories and experiences in web clips, documentaries, news pieces and in other media related ways and also engage in public speaking both in South Africa and around the world. …

Inspiring Street Children

  • Inspiring street children to a better future

Surfers Not Street Children is a team of former street children who are funny, humble and approachable, charismatic, cool and rip in the water. This is a combination that enables them to have a great impact on the lives of other street children. They are a team that is committed to being part of ensuring that other children don’t have to go through what they went through and can be inspired by the change in their lives. The team visits street children in different cities to meet street children, remind them of their potential and to encourage them to seize opportunities available to them locally. …