Transforming Lives Through Surfing and Mentorship

Surf Club

  • Journeying with Former Street Children Towards Their Independence.

Our Surf Club is for street children and children at risk and is based at the premier surf spot in Durban, the "New Pier" at Dairy beach. Our club is open every day for morning and afternoon session. It’s an outreach program that fuses surfing with mentorship through our team of coaches, youth care workers and a life-skills curriculum. It acts as a way of diverting youngsters from street life and identifying positive ways for them to develop. It also offers access to surfing for those who would not normally be able to get access. Surfing is therapeutic in essence but fused with mentorship it can be a powerful tool for positive impact in children’s lives.

Surf Club is run by award winning surf development coach Sandile Mqadi (winner at the 2015 SA Sports Awards). Sandile is the most experienced surf development coach in the country and has been working with street children for over ten years. He works closely with child and youth-care worker, Vukani Mhluzi. The club is based right on the beach in the “garage” at the New Pier car park behind the restaurant California Dreaming.

Many high profile surfers have visited the Surf Club to encourage the kids during 2016 including Dane Reynolds, Travis Logie, Sebastian Williams, Beyrick De Vries, Paul Canning and Chad du Toit. To date more than 120 children a month access services through the Surf Club.